New Year, New You

March 29th, 2018 by

How’s that New Year’s Resolution going? Here at Erdman Automotive, it’s still going strong!

Our fitness challenge is going great. After seven weeks, the nine teams are fighting for first place position. Here are the rankings:

1st Place: Under Achievers with 5,067.45 miles

2nd Place: Dukes with 4,972.00 miles

3rd Place: Waisting Away with 3,978.63 miles

4th Place: A Team with 3,755.08 miles

5th Place: Let’s Get Fiscal with 3,482.46 miles

6th Place: Animals with 3,425.50 miles

7th Place: Saved by the Bell with 3,362.16 miles

8th Place: Dawgs with 3,333.62 miles

9th Place: X Marks the Spot with 2,837.12 miles

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