When Does Your Vehicle Need Service and Why?

April 30th, 2019 by

Bringing your vehicle in for its’ routine service is the best way to keep it healthy and happy. But sometimes it’s the simple things that we let slip our minds. There are many people out there who forget to bring their car in for service and put it off for far too long. But many times it is because they might not fully understand what happens during those routine visits and what will be checked and tuned up. This article is going to outline your vehicle’s major routine services all the way from 30K miles to 120K miles. These are the first MAJOR routine visits of your first thousand miles on your vehicle, and the most important to make sure your vehicle has a long lasting life!


This is your first major service visit. This is when your vehicle will receive an alignment, tire balance, wiper blades replaced, and your cabin and engine filters replaced.


Break job, 3 part fuel service, tire balance, alignment, evaporator core cleanse/AC refresh, cleanse out all intakes on the engine, and break pad replacement and rotors cut.


Alignment, oil change, replace wiper blades, replace cabin and air filters. In a Tundra or Tacoma (towing vehicles), there will be a rear differentials and break flush, fluid replacement, and an inspection of the cooling systems.


This is your next BIG service. You will receive all typical inspections along with a cooling flush and replacement, and rear differentials, and alignment.


Tire balance, alignment, wiper blades replaced, cabin and engine filter replacement, evaporator core cleanse/AC Refreshed, break fluid replacement, and a break pad and rotors replacement.


Tire balance, alignment.


Tire balance, alignment, wiper blades replaced, cabin and engine filters replaced.

What To Remember

Remember that these are not the ONLY important service visits your vehicle needs. Your very first visit will be at 5K miles. This is where you will receive the first services that will be repeated EVERY 5K MILES. The services are: tire rotation, battery check and service, and fuel system cleanser. In addition to those services, EVERY 10K MILES your vehicle will need an oil change.

The way to keep your vehicle healthy and happy for many years and miles is to take care of it! Not missing out on your routine services will save you from having any out of the ordinary issues in the future, and will even help you catch any abnormal issues earlier on. Come on in to see us and let’s take care of your vehicle AND you!

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